The Gym Personal trainer, Ryan Copeland explains why…the more you work out, the more you need to stretch. Elongated muscles are the key to a more fluid and effortless golf swing. There’s been a lot of hype about Tiger Wood’s work out routine and how bulking up may be shortening the life of  his game and, along with his violent swing, causing more injury. There’s no question that the more we age, the more we need to stay stretched out. And, those who work out more, need to stretch out even  more. Muscles that contract due to working out tend to stay contracted until they are stretched. Regular stretches helps keep them more malleable.  Having elongated and more flexible muscles will result in a more fluid and effortless swing with more distance and control. While this is a golf tip, better results with any activity can be achieved with regular stretching…especially if you work out often.

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